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Auction software meeting

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As most of you are aware we had a lot of discussion after the last auction and one of the things discussed was getting some software for the auctions.

I called for help from anyone who might be able to come up with a system on how this will be achieved.

And said that I would host a meeting to discuss this mater.

That special meeting is on this Saturday 11th April upstairs at the Bar Jai hall, Alexandra St., Clayfield, starting at 10.00am.

Anyone interested please turn up.


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What is your budget?

Do you have a set list of objectives? - so you can compare different solutions fairly. Example: Will it need to handle financial transactions, people's privacy, historical lookups, mail lists, print receipts etc

Do you need to maintain a database, software updates or customisation?

Who is responsible for hardware/software support and data backup?

Best Auction Software | 2015 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems has some options.

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Thanks for your thoughts.

The best option is to turn up at the meeting and here what has to be said.

There are set objectives both short term and long term.

What we need to look at is what is the best way to go about achieving these objectives.


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