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need some suggestion here :)

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Hi all,

I need to get some suggestions for my bn tank.

I am currently having a 3ftx18x20 tank with a divider, i have a colony of albino bn breeder in 1 side and a trio of longfin common bn breeder and 8 peppermint (haven't breed yet) in the other side. The divider is a perspex with holes drilled (ard 8-10mm diameter).

Now the problem is, the longfin bn have spawned at the same time as the albino bn in the other side and both the fry are abt to come out of the log and i realised that there are albino fry in the longfin log (this breeders are from a longfin female x albino male). I guess that is why there are some albino ones in there. But i won't be able to tell whether they are normal fin or longfin at this stage.

so my questions are

1) will be albino fry in the longfin log normal fin or longfin?

2) if some of them are normal fin, is there a possibility that they carry a longfin gene?

might think of some questions soon :lol:


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Thats what dean does. He said he gets a mix of both but he still sells the normal ones for abit cuz they have the long fin gene which means they will spit out long fins as well as normal even if the mother is normal as wel.


Apparently i have been informed that this might not be correct. Mooch, correct me please, u were there.

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