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what size tank for blue dolphin?

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Hi all,

what will be the minimum size tank for a breeding colony of blue dolphin? they are 1m 3f.

they are currently in a 6x2x2 and all the female had have mouthful but they either have split or swallowed the eggs while i tried to catch them. I have turn off the light and haven't feed them for 3-4days and also catch them in the dark.

pls help.


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i keep my WC breeding colony of 10+ in my 6x18x18 with my colony of 15+ frontosa and i get approx 80-100 from them a month.................if i can be stuffed doing a water change once a month you could almost double that........

heres some pics of fry and the colony, aquascape ect........i just took them 8pm tonight

dark coloured female in the first pic has a mouthful too





i strip them at 12-14 days and usually have heads and tails,

i catch them in the main tank with lights on just after i have fed everyone so there all feeling quite lazy,

two VERY large fine nets are your best bet so even if she spits you will catch all the fry as well,

i strip all the fry into a 2x1x1 tank with VERY established sponge filters

the females are usually fine to go right back into the main tank

i feed them ground flake for the first 3 weeks then just onto crushed flake until there upto saleable size............

hope this helps a little

wanna know anything else just ask ;)


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Great pics there Christo

They look like some decent quality

Where did you sourced them from?

Also Coryfan make sure you only say your females are f1 not wild Caught

Are all the females from the same parents?

Also all fry sold cant be called anything except saying the father was German and Mother F1


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my grandfather sourced them though an importer in sydney nearly 2 years ago now, and apparently cant get anymore as they are protected in the wild now.

mine are from lake malombe so they are the "Malombe" variant, very rare indeed and they cost me through the nose


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