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Tough creature this one!

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This crispa anemone was just a cute speck mid last year, as with many others around here and at lots of sites each and every year and from it showing up, I would just have a glance from time to time watching it grow as it is in just 8 feet of water where I go to look at other things when swimming past when at this site.

Then a month or so later on, a speck of a clown shows up in the juvenile anem via the most important function that governs all life in the ocean as with the anems in the first place, being planktonic dispersal.

Then some months later at roughly two weeks before I took the first pic the area got a massive rain event after months of this anem slogging out a life bleaching the poor beggar, as with billions of other anems here in seq and most don’t survive this.

From the the area getting a massive dose of killer rains, there was suffering and deaths for a lot of marine life from these all to common rain events these days.

If its not CO2 and sediment its adverse salinity fluctuations killing billions of inshore life each time, this is all to obvious each year since 2011 at incredibly bad to just quite bad when all this became real common place killing a ton of marine life each year!

Earlier last year


Last month, aawww, some one has a new friend.


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