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Free - 20cm M Livingstonii

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: FreeSize: approx 20cm tip to tipQuantity: 1Sex: MaleSuburb/Town: North LakesFree to a good home

One large male Livingstonii Cichlid.

He's been wonderful until he recently starting picking on my beloved venustus (i've had it for a long time) so he's gotta go.

Photos aren't great as he's currently in a holding net.

Happy to deliver within a reasonable distance.

Could be a female. I was told M but I can't tell tbh

Please text only. First in wins.





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He was nipping but only 1 fish. I thought maybe it was a mating thing but I don't know. It might just be a size thing.

He is free if you have a tank he would be happy in.

I should mention that we have a big mix tank with other large fish. He has just taken a shining to one of our favs.and I normally would leave it but the venutsus is becoming stressed. He's been great up until recently so if its a mating thing, he might like someone more his type.

****** Sold pending pickup. Thank you all :)

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