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Free Mbenji Peacock F1 Juveniles

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid

Price: Posting of a photo

Size: 4-5cm

Quantity: 2

Sex: Unsexed

Suburb/Town: Deception Bay

Hi Guys/Girls,

I have 2 x unsexed F1 Mbenji Peacock Juvies available, they have managed to survive in the wild caught adult breeding tank... they are survivors!

First person who posts a pic in this ad of their favourite african peacock cichlid, and is available to collect this long weekend gets the piddly prize of two fish.



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Can you deliver? can you post a pic? Can you throw in the bucket for free? I really need 5, any chance of more for free? How am I supposed to feed them? Do them come with free food? Can you ship? Lol

Good on ya Dan, but just be careful, no good deed goes unpunished:)

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^^^ Bahaha. Nasty lil fella ...

Some else plz post a pic as I really don't want to drive to decepo........

:first:just wanted to win.

The win would have been yours if you were serious lol

[MENTION=11719]Stoney[/MENTION] you may be right!

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