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WTB: large Americans

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Cichlid Type: --Price: Nothing too priceySize: 20cm min Quantity: Who knowsSex: MaleSuburb/Town: Kallangur

Wtb large Americans males:



Green bag snook


Stuff with great colour.

open to suggestions but all fish need to be 20cm minimum

I have a large Synspilum about 30cm willing to swap or just pay cash


North Brissy

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do you realise just how aggressive male umbee's are at that size?, it will kill everything unless kept by itself.

Ever fish is different. There is one at petbarn Nerang that's in with red devils, dovii and fens tin foils and a grey gg. His tank is huge so I think if he puts in aggression in he will be fine

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Trial and error if it will work. I'm prepared to take the chance. All fish respond differently in every tank but hopefully I can find a 20cm ish male so it can grow up a lot smaller then the rest of the fish at there present sizes

Yeh that's the go,good luck with finding a male umbee, took me countless grow outs over a long period of time to Finally get my males, and there's a few dodgy older ones getting around as well at the moment .

Bent spine and sunken bellys deformed mouths etc. keep us updated anyway.happy hunting

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