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Cichlid Type: OtherPrice: 2-30Size: 10,000cmQuantity: 100Sex: MixedSuburb/Town: Bahrs scrub, logan area.

Fish for sale.

Yellows- 4.5-6.5cm 18 $80

]Mpanga 3.5-6cm. 11 $50

]Cylindricus 6-9cm 4 $40

L002 male 9cm $70

Parrot cichlid female $20 15cm

Parrot cichlids 4-6.5cm $2ea

17cm jack dempsey male $20

White tiger oscar 20+cm$25 beautiful.

Rainbow cichlid pair 9-10cm $30

1 male checkered rainbow fish $5

]Tropheus ikola 6-8cmx 4 $60 unknown sex.

]lot of africans $70

5f 1 m sunshine peacocks breeding

1 female dragon blood

1 female mpanga

1 unknown red fin kandango 12cm

1 male maingano

3big female red empress

wanting gone in one lot!

Can txt pics for serious buyers

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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