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Americans going CHEAP!!!

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Cichlid Type: American CichlidsPrice: variesSize: variesQuantity: a fewSex: MixedSuburb/Town: Woody PointOk so I'm done and dusted and closing down and this is what i have on offer.

Discus 6 of bought 2 weeks ago from smiths for $300.

Selling for $200




In that photo you can see Torpedo Barbs.

9 of them bad boys going for $250.SOLD

Next up I have the Apistogramma cucatoides 5 male and one female

Going @ $10 a pop SOLD ALL APPISTOS


No i haven't cleaned the glass lately.

Also Trifasciata male



One male Melikei (I can't for the life of me remember the correct name spelling but someone will)



The mighty tiger Oscars 3 off bought two weeks ago from smiths for $50

Going for $15 for the 3


Breeding pair of Convicts.Best female I've ever had or seen anyway.

Going for $15

Not a current photo as she has grown but are on eggs again hiding so.



Not american but anyway red forest jewel pair constantly breeding as well



Any plants you see in the photos you like are for sale as well.Price Neg.

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Ok so closing down this weekend no mater what. Therefore TheDiscus are now $120 for 6 bought for $300 few weeks back.

The convicts jewels and oscars are now make an offer and ill take it. some plants on rock and wood left too you can make an offer on when you get here.

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