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at a guess they got the blue colour gene from platies, that swordtail looks even more like a platy then the normal swordtails that already have platy genes in them.

be aware when comparing swordtails chasing the colour of that individual, it's appearances may have been enhanced by the tank lighting or the flash of the particular camera used.

otherwise that picture looks promising. would be great to make such a fish available to the public.

also i think working a blue color from a dark gene creates a better blue than trying to crete blue from lighter gened individuals (just an observation related to blue gene cherry shrimp that are being bred).

good luck on your endeavours.

cheers mick

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They're usually labelled as black swordtails & available at most lfs (also known as berlin or hamburg swordies)

-tend to change from black blue through to metallic green depending on light reflectance off scales

Here's some hi-fin examples to drool over :eek:



nice male in the background


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