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It doesn’t have to look pretty to work well.

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You could buy a reactor or reactors to house your biodegradable polymer based carbon dosing and gfo and carbon or make them or it your self, either way is fine if you can afford it or not want to get your hands dirty.

This ugly lumps materials I think cost a mate just a few dollars at a flee market years ago, he likes to horde a bit, lol, and I used an old tube of black silicon after welding it all together, just to make sure it doesn’t leak.

This type of thing can be made in sort of any way really to suit what ever you need, he had this gear to make it out of and needed it to stand alone and not in a sump.

The materials


The end result, but no holes drilled yet, he is bringing his products around this arvo to make sure he knows what he is doing and holes made to suit


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Since day one at xmas 79 when i got my first tank, it was four feet, i have always made my own stuff, badly to begin with of course, but i got better at it.

This is my skinny little one that I use, I made it exactly the way I use to make them way back when I was an early days reefer, I had a spare pump laying around I was given so that was sort of free.

There is nitra guard at the base for higher oxygen levels needed, then phos killer, then carbon.

Along with the skimmer, my algae grows real slow now.


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Ah 79, that was a good year, we were waiting for Star Wars III the best of the movies to be released. I was 4yrs old, things were simpler back then, all I had to worry about was a clean pair of underwear, Star Wars, and my Lego set.

Actually in hind site, I don't think I cared about the underwear.

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Each to their own!

I looked at what a skimmer is supposed to do a long time ago and I still agree with the ones that know their stuff that wood stone style is till far better, but i wont use one any more, anyway no matter what folks may say, all are semi useless for gas exchange, but that’s just what I found. Of course we all know that they are essentially supposed to take out organic matter, okay now as we all know if the organic matter gets a chance to go through the systems cyclers it makes for more potential nitrate and phos, that’s leaving out something quite “useful” in the correct environment, pure nitrogen!

You get virtually none at all with out organic mater going through the cycle.

I know there is the co2 component from the cyclers and other reef life, but if you have all bases covered in your system so the carbon atom is separated/used breaking the bond from the two oxygen atoms that is carbon dioxide by our hard working algae and microbe guys, it equates to nothing really!

My way it to use a little reactor gear, but more so algae, they utilise all three making them non toxic and easily disposed of, but really with a reactor and a little skimmer, the algae is not overly important anyway.

A diy reefer I met a long time ago, well before the internet, he use to make them tall as well to get more suspension time, but he turned away from that way as well and he got me started in a more efficient direction after seeing what he came up with.

I like semi trapping the bubbles and spinning them so they stay there longer in a shorter smaller more space efficient cylinder of acrylic.

These day that much acrylic or what ever, that would cost quite a bit! Back in the day it was cheap as chips from a distributor near Coopers plains, it’s not like that any more. Plus the longer the bubble is in suspension the more coated it gets, which is good in one way but for any real gas exchange, forget it!

I don’t use a skimmer to take out actual amounts of organic matter, my prefilters take near all out and leave in the water for me to dispose of later on while it goes through some very healthy fermentation-plus, along with carbon helping out to clear up the more water soluble stuff, like pee and tannins.

But as I typed, each to their own!

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Ayy, wow that’s a great skimmer? But I don’t like it? So saying that would not make any sense, but I didn’t actually say I didn’t like it originally, but since the wow, I have now, but by the sounds of it you say you got the materials free or more or less free, then that is great!

Prefiltering is a must no mater what size or type of system, just most don’t realise it and maybe they never will, but to know fully the values of this type of thing you really need to apply varied systems, results and equipment from them over sometime with and with out prefiltering to get a good handle on it.

I didn’t have the luxury of testing at most stages of the hobby ,early on yes, but later on, it was expensive for me, till the late 90s again.

It was mainly hands on and observations of affects upon limitless marine life I had access to, to know what is going on with what ever.

The need for latin names and scientific terms were of no help at all to out comes, I saw it, I didn’t need to put a name to it.

Pre with reef tanks mean to me “before”, before areas that need to be protected by good prefiltering, not the usual rubbish used.

Whether it be to ensure ongoing nitrate reduction and more and or to just keep what comes out of our reef tanks away from impellors that will create undue much quicker wear and wear them out prematurely and allow sludge as well even quicker to slow the skimmers pumps performance and of course adversely affect the reefers tank life but not so obvious as the pump and skimmer still seem to be working, but at a increasingly reduced performance level and causes more organics to by pass and be worked on by the cyclers and stress the tanks life forms due to an imbalance.

It’s pretty simple really and I hope that load of words clears up at least a tiny bit of why I didn’t say wow!

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I've always been up for a bit of DIY.

This is a pic of a skimmer I made about 15 years ago. It was 2.5 meters tall 800mm round.


The thing was too tall and the skimmer cup had to stick through the ceiling.


I've been to Aquaculture facilities that use the same / or a very similar setup to yours - perhaps you even made it - either way - they worked well on the systems I have seen. They were used in conjunction with very fine inline pre-filters.

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I've been to Aquaculture facilities that use the same / or a very similar setup to yours - perhaps you even made it - either way - they worked well on the systems I have seen. They were used in conjunction with very fine inline pre-filters.

Because I don’t like this type of skimmer means nothing really, that’s just my preferance, but good on you none, I am very passionate about correct prefiltering to enhance the hobbies out comes!

They make more work I do realise that all to well and hobbyist do not like work that seems to not display obvious fast positive results, but the slow long term resulting positives far out way the work load negatives.

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