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Cool water temps and all things are firing up!

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Fish metabolism has slowed a little so they are less inclined to argue and fight and colours are much more intense with them, plus slower eating, less pollutants and less need for feeding.

Oh an corals take on darker colours like purple/blue instead of green, which of course is because the symbiotic algae with in changes to suit temps, so the sps more then anything else change colour!

Obviously you don't take temps below 22c unless you are very careful or know what you are doing.

Halymenia coming back, it died off in November and I thought it was gone, of course that is impossible with this species of haly if started correctly, the blisters or you might call them bulbs are very hardy and toxic and can lay dormant from my experience for many months, so here it is powering now that the temps are below 24c


These two corals are always fighting for space, they can’t reach far so it’s only a ten millimetre line of no mans/corals land, lol and of course if there is a spare space the hypnea will fill it.


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