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What goes with a Geophagus Brasiliensis????

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Hi everyone....sorry this is a bit long winded...

I have a juvenile Geophagus Brasiliensis which is approximately 3-4 inches at present. He/she is currently in with a chocolate cichlid (approx 5 inches) an oscar (approx 2-3 inches) and a blackbelt (approx 4-5 inches) They are all in a 75G at present but will be moving to a much larger tank (6 footer) in the next 2 months or so.

I am more than likely going to either give away or put blackbelt in own tank as it does not get on with the chocolate. There have not been any fights as of yet, however, the choc is not happy with the blackbelt being in there.

The choc and the oscar get on great.

The odd fish in the mix is the geophagus. I have observed this fish being territorial towards the oscar (and I would not be surprised if the geophagus was the reason that my other oscar (called Seven) tried to jump from tank, and was injured - which she died from). I would rather have just the chocolate, my oscar and a new oscar to replace Seven in a tank with some silver dollars.

I do however, like the geophagus and would like to house it in another tank..but I cannot find any good info on suitable tankmates for the geophagus. I saw a youtube clip with angelfish and a group of geophagus..but I dont know if they were the brazilienis...

Has anyone got any suggestions?

....and if anyone has a small oscar under 3 inches (Red, tiger or albino).. I am willing to swap for blackbelt or the geophagus if interested.


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Depends completely on the individual fish so impossible to answer given you state you have an aggressive one. Normally they are quite placid - I've even kept them with Rainbowfish. I have never seen them kept with Angels though some other smaller Geos have been. If you've got an aggressive fish - you've got an aggressive fish - only way to find out potential tank mates therefore is going to be trial and error..

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