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ai hydra 52 or radionxr30w pro ??

ai hydra 52 or radionxr30 pro  

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  1. 1. ai hydra 52 or radionxr30 pro

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You will always get mixed responses to different products. I have never Hurd a bad word about kessil. But I'm sure there has been someone out there that's got something bad to say about them. Go to a few petshops that have good marine displays and ask them what thay think and than make your own mind up. In saying that there is some really good quality LEDs on ebay for less than half the asking price of your popular brand LEDs in lps. Good luck

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Hey Shane

Well I aint no expert on led lighting.

But I do know since replacing my strip Led to Kessils, most corals are powering on !

To be fair I have also reeled nitrates back to 0.

I did try 2 different types of led strips but neither gave me the natural effect of shimmering that I desired.

The Kessils are adjustable in strength and colour spectrum too so that was a plus, I love em.

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