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Large Breeding Group of Green Terrors(Gold and White Saums/Rivulatus!)

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Cichlid Type: American Cichlids Price: 300 Neg Size: 10-13cm approx. Quantity: 15+ Sex: Mixed Suburb/Town: Zillmere

Something unique up for grabs here guys with this large breeding group of Green Terrors(Rivulatus both Gold and White Varieties!)

There is at least 10 girls and I readily have 2 or 3 girls spawning at the same time in the tank(and many other girls waiting for a turn!!!:eek:)

The Dominant Male is a nice White Variety and is a very nice display fish(as is the subdominant boy!)so there is a great opportunity here for someone to regularly raise some nice Rivulatus.

I don't have the time or room with more African Predators on their way :faint:.

Heres the Dominant Male from a few months ago...hes looking even bigger and better now!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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