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G'day G'day G'day

School holidays in Victoria and I've decided to set up a fish tank for the kids and well mostly myself ;)

Mind you this is the first time I will be involved with this hobby, so am an absolute novice, and will have a lot of questions (sometimes silly)

I will appreciate all advice from everyone

The tank dimensions are 48"x14"x20"

My filter should be arriving today- Aquaclear 110 (I think I would need to get a second filter, still deciding on what to choose)

Then begins the cycling process, which I believe takes upto 2 months

Eventually plan to stock the tank with fancy goldfish- so far I've narrowed it down to one black moor, one ranchu and an oranda- sized around 5cm each

It will be a bare bottomed tank with live plants- hanging off driftwood or rocks- will I can dream cant I :)

My first silly question :)

What is an appropriate air pump to run a 120cm flexible air curtain

Ive looked at airpumps online and they mostly talk about litres/ min and I'm not sure whats appropriate for my 220 L (perhaps 200L when stocked) tank

Also some pumps come with more than one outlet- which leaves me confused as to what happens when I connect only one outlet.

My set up will be air pump- tubing- check valve- tubing- flexible air curtain

Appreciate your advice

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I would just use a aqua one 9500..costs around $30....I dont have an air curtain but I use this pump to run two sponge filters and this pump is more than adequate for these...some air curtains that I have looked at have a nib (or whatever you call the end piece that you attach airline to) on both ends and this pump has outs for two airlines. Hope this helps...adding cycled materials from an already cycled tank helps speed up the cycling process, such as rocks, substrate, plants, filter material, but not the water -the beneficial bacteria live on surfaces....so if you know someone with an already established tank..

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