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This was interesting?

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One of my anem porcelain crabs had shed its shell, no big deal, they always come out and shows it off when they look pretty, lol.

This guy is around three years in the tanks of three all up; I don’t know their life span.

I don’t have any anems any more; not interested, to much hassle when they sting my corals. With the anems the crabs don’t need them, unless the threat of predation is in your tank, then they need them but of course then if you have clowns, they may kill them by showing them in the anem with out the hard shell at a shed, not saying they definitely will, but I have had them together and its fine and other times its not fine!

Now what was interesting was this guy was harvesting the hypnea and waving the bits past its feeding sails and eating what was getting stuck in its sails!

It may be life in the hypnea like pods maybe, who knows, but this is the first time i have seen this but then again I only started using the very beautiful local hypnea again recently.


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