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FREE 3 ft with stand, hood, canister and stuff

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Condition: UsedPrice: FreeWilling To Ship: Nolocation: HerstonHi

I need this gone ASAP or sooner.

It's a dirty tank, some parts of the glass have been spray painted black, the stand and hood are in decent condition, but would want a stain to look good.

see pics.

I think its 3ft, i've never been good with my feet. You should be able to tell from the pics.

The light doesn't work, might just be the bulb.

Canister is one of those chinese ones.

There's another small filter in there.

There's a heater too.

I haven't taken the gravel out, but i've drained the water.

I've already moved house, basically I need someone to come and take this away otherwise I have to pay someone to take it to the dump.

Must take all, not just some. I won't be able to help move it, but it's close to the street entrance, about 4 stairs.

PM for phone number and address.

Will attach pics in a minute






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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