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I got a new 5000lumin dive torch from Hong Kong a while ago cause my camera torch is only 2000 and wanted to try it out so Danny and I went to the south port seaway near the sewerage pipe looking under the rocks and here was a form of capensis that I have only seen in other areas.

It was with in the usual types, heaps of them there and all of them love a ton of nutrients in the water, but always low light and this one is no light? any way right back near out of reach in the torch beam was the veiny pink variety, very nice.

It's been in the tubs for a while now and the broken edges and bleached bits have all cleared up but as you can see, the red/maroon that most are based on is starting to take over from the edges.

Oh well i will chop it up and in the tank it goes in a low light spots.


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