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My name is Krista Located in South Brisbane and I have recently bought a fish tank... ahha.

I like looking at photo's, so I will put as many in this post as I can!

My partner and I decided that our 6ft tank would be freshwater.

We picked it up second hand with some good quality gear included which was great!

(tank before we bought it)


About 4 weeks ago a bunch of mates help us pick it up and put it in our house.



We filled it up a bit! and I put some of the things that came with the tank in there to fill space as it cycled for a bout 2 weeks.


The Kitties have a great view ! :D


After we completely filled the tank up and the cycle was complete we added the new additions to the tank!

Some Serpae Tetra's.


We later on then added more plants and more fish!

Lemon Tetra's and Glass Catfish! Also I haven't seen anyone sell Glass catfish on here, are they not likely to breed in captivity?








All these photo's were taken on my phone. Sorry about some of the quality.

Atm we have 2x 2217 Eheim filters with 2 medium sponge filters running as well!.

We also bought a Titan 600w Heater, to replace the ones that came with the tank as they were quite old, and Fluval aqualife and plant LED light to run in conjunction with the standard light.

This is our first tank and we are still learning lots of useful information as we go.

Otherwise the fish seem happy which is what matters most!

We hope to add more fish and plants in the near future :D

Thank you for taking the time to read !

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Thank you for the feedback Donny!

I was hoping from the advice that I was given the Serpae's are in a group of 6 so they should be less aggressive ?

The Lemons and plants seem fine but I am a little worried about the Catfish.

Thank you Discus_duck & jfancygolds!

Thank you for taking the time to read :)

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Your tank looks amazing! My partner and I have 7 glass cat fish and we've been told (and this is supported by a fair bit of research) that it's very difficult to breed them in captivity. Apparently if you simulate monsoon like weather conditions it can prompt them to breed but we haven't had any luck with that method so far! All of the best, Lily x

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Think of serpae like tiny piranhas lol. They can and will shred long finned fish. Nothing sadder than a tank of longfin serpae lol. But yes they do like to bicker with each other, and kept well fed, with robust tank mates.... they make great fish to learn the ropes with. Also a better fish to start your breeding project with too imho. Nothing like the sound of feeding a few hundred serpae fry some flake. Better than rice bubbles it is.

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Thank you [MENTION=7637]yellows[/MENTION] !! :egrin:

Thank you so much!

ahh! that's probably why no one really sells them on here!

Thank you! all the best too ! xo @lilypilyyy

Oh wow! ahah where I had bought them from I had specifically asked for peaceful community fish. At this stage I didnt know much about this specific type of tetra.

Then later on I was advised that they should be OK because they are in a big tank with 6 of them.

I was thinking of getting loaches, bn and maybe angle fish, would they all go together ok? or should I sell them on? @Donny@ageofaquariums

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If the angels are too small they might get nipped.... think of them being like tiger barbs. As to selling them.... they nice tough fish.... do you care about a few nipped fins?

If so less nippy options are.....

rosey tetra

white fin ornate tetra

red phantom tetra

bleeding heart tetra

These all look very similar indeed.

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