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Is it a hacker day..?

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I have had 4 scammer emails in two days. They look and read very real.

The first one was from a fake pay pal, stating that they have received my payment of 49.95 for a game followed closely by a second one from NAB (fake) stating that someone has changed details in my internet banking account and that I needed to give security details if this wasn't me.

I contacted my local branch and they were very interested in the fake NAB email.

No money had been taken out of my account and none of my banking details had been modified.

The funny thing is I don't have internet banking, pay pal, or facejunk accounts.

Im pretty sure a lot of people would fall victim because they looked and read very real.

Beware fellow members because it could happen to anyone.

If unsure check with your financial institution. Never reply or change details via email.

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