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Got to love the acids.

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These members of the Entacmaea quadricolor mob are most certainly the best of the bubble tips.

Very hardy, split at 8 inches and get not much bigger,extremely bright in colouration and becoming very common is SEQ these days.

In the past I would rarely see these guys and never at the end of winter, but from around 10 years back they are at every site I frequent now.

The things I like about them is they don’t mind weak light, bright light, high phos, high nitrate and basically any conditions, just not real good at very low temps or low oxygen levels.

I had quite a few a while back for a few months in the second tub just to see what ever of the red, blue/purple, yellow and green, just to try them at varied conditions and I like them, I wont keep anems any more but they are very cool, I gave all of them away, a couple to Simon and a guy I know on face book.

The guy on face book raves about them but Simon reckons they are a pain, they reproduce at a rapid rate and took over his 3 foot tank but he auto feeds his tank that's why, lol, i thought that was cool, till they started stinging his corals.

He cut/fragged one and that frag is now a monster in a two foot tank, the whole tank, lol, my experience of no bigger then 8 inchs was proved wrong there,

For some reason the red and the green varieties reproduce the fastest.

I did up a thread with pics on them called - Acid rain bubble anemones- nice pics of the ones i had for while, I think it was mine or pics I took of them under water, I don’t remember, lol.

This is a pic of one from last week.


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