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Aquariums Alive for sale

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Good luck with everything involved..Glad I visited your shop for the first time Wednesday. Enjoyed the visit and hospitality. Whomever purchases the shop will be very happy with the new lay out thats for sure.

Hope shes worth it mate ... I mean it's your own Fish Store after all....

:lol: Just Joking :lol:

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gee brad now you are starting to sound like ray with luke (aka wonna)

the way you were just talking to mooch

well brad i have not had the chance to meet you yet as far as i know but i hope i do before you leave

are you still going to be on here or are you turning your back on fish all together :lol::lol::lol:

see ya around

mark :twisted::twisted::twisted::roll:

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Hi Mark

Dont plan on leaving the hobby much I love fish to much

I dont think we have met yet but Im sure a time will come up sometime

Gee Im getting compared to Ray I dont know if that is such a good thing

Matt dont worry she is worth it Well i think she is


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Dont do it brad!!! the shop is worth soooo much more.. 8O i mean it is basically your life in a little rectangular box there!!! :( Lol just jokes... But i do hope everything goes well for you, and that your new life is great!!! :)

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Hi Guys,

Just an update to let you know that the shop is still for sale and is in the hands of a real estate agent. If anyone is interested they can come into the shop and talk to me, or Nick Roughton is the real estate agent. Either of us would be happy to give you a hand.

We are also advertising on Real Commercial



Aquariums Alive Team

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