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Hello! :)

My name is Lily. My partner and I have 6 tanks in total. We have:

1 x 40L (our first tank, currently housing 7 glass catfish, 2 longfin albino bristlenose catfish, 3 gold sucking catfish and a ridiculous amount of snails).

2 x 200L (an empty tank and a gorgeous cichlid tank, with 2 albino plecos for good measure)!

1 x 150L (temporarily housing a 5 year old tiger oscar we just re-homed until our second 200L tank has finished cycling).

1 x 30L (a gorgeous shrimp tank with crystal red shrimp, golden bee shrimp, crystal black shrimp, red cherry shrimp and peppermint bristle nose).

1 x 20L (usually a quarantine tank but currently housing 8 baby electric yellow cichlids who are approximately 1.2cm)!

At the moment we only have freshwater set ups but that suits us just fine! Our house is full of activity with our electric yellow cichlids breeding like crazy and our shrimp breeding even faster. Shrimp are a particular love of mine, whereas my partner is more in love with our fish... particularly Olive, our tiger oscar, who doesn't like me at all. He gets particularly territorial around me! :)

I am really excited to have found a local forum where I can vocalise my love for all things aquatic, I know my family and friends are getting a little sick of me telling them about my fish all of the time (but I could have a much worse hobby at 22, y'know?) :)

I can't wait to meet you all and I'll post photos in the comments!


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Sailfin albino plecos just having a jolly old time!


Our electric yellow when she was holding her little ones!


Olive, before we rehomed him from the pet store.


An S CRS lady... pretty sure she's breeding with a golden bee at the moment which makes for a very happy me!


A heavily buried red cherry and her little wee eggs!

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