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has anyone used The Ultimate Gravel Vac 25"

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from the description it sounds like

it connects to your tap

it empties the tank

and by flipping a switch it refills the tank

would appreciate if anyone who has used it could let me know if it works

I am an old man with a bad back :)

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Hardly a few quid more Sam :)

Sam's useful method uses an internal/ external pump which is slightly dear at close to $300

I am not sure if there are less expensive pumps that can be run "dry" and do the same job

at your local hardware store you could pick up a submersible pond pump for around $50 and connect tubing/ hose

uses 18W of power

obviously would not be able completely drain the tank as it needs to be under water

you can then use the pond pump in the drum- within head height restrictions- to refill tank


you could then reverse it (the tricky bit) and use it to refill your tank

or you could use hose pipe with a tap adaptor to refill the tank- this costs under $20

the disadvantage of this method (directly from tap) is that you cannot prepare your water in advance with obvious restrictions to pH and temperature

this differs to Sam's method- as he prepares his water in a drum

but it costs a bit less, but is probably a lot more messy and fiddly :)

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You dont have to use what I use, the equipment can be found much cheaper, I just use what I use as it makes water changes fast! time is money!!

Agree 100%

i like your method

less messy, waters at a similar temp rather than straight off the tap.

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