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Time to upgrade to other fish species.

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A good mate of mine that can not keep none mobile inverts has the healthiest fish imaginable, the semis literally glow, the two heraldi are a dazzling gold, the conspic is much better then you see them in the ocean, the latezonatus clowns are gorgeous and there are more in his tanks, but I forget what they are, so being much larger tanks then mine, I have convinced him to ditch some and go with some others.

This was not was easy as most of his fish he has had for years!

These guys in the following pics I got a while back and have been in my tubs learning the ways of tank life, lol, the guys are pigging out and i am really curios how amazingly healthy he will make these ones into as he always does.

Its not much of a fish but he has a starki I got him maybe three years back and it’s colouration is not any where in my books or on the net, anywhere!

What the!!, these fish are my fav damsel and I have never seen one like this, that it has become, so beautiful!!!!

He wont take pics like me being photo addicted, lol, but I will get pics of his stuff one day, the massive bio filter I made for him around four years back and his tireless care of his fish and shrimp, lol, is certainly doing away with any sort of stress.

I have 4 of the same small anthia as the male in a pic that follows in my tanks, one male and three sheilas, but the larger other species, no good in my little tanks.

These are his new ones.

A juv imperator of maybe just over one and a half years old.


A subadult imperator at nearly three years old, just wanting to go adult colour.


Two anthia species, these two get on well with each other, both males.



He will turn these fish in to literally jewels.

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