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Bristlenose fry and how to keep them alive?

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Hi All.

This is one that I am completely stumped on, I have spoken to a mate and he has the same problem by the sounds of it but we both don't think it is normal.

I have 3 pairs of bn and they have fry every months basically. I separate the father and the log into a fry tank when i find that the male is on eggs in his logs.

What i am stumped with is how do i keep the fry alive, Basically Bn are the only things i cant seem to raise, Every batch there is tonnes of baby's and they all only last a few days after coming out of the logs.

From every batch i am lucky to get 10% that would survive after the 2 cm mark and the rest seem to drop off before then.

They are on a sumped rack so when i put the log into the new tank they are never exposed to no water or water changes, there are other fish in the rack that i raise from fry but it seems the only thing I can't get good success with is BN...

They are fed and algae wafers, there water conditions are all great and I cant seem to work it out?

I would like to know has anyone else had these problems? what is the best way to curve this? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks all and sorry for the stupid questions.

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We put ours in a home made floating frysaver,we strip the cave after the dads been in with them for about 2 weeks. The biggest problem with bn early on is usually starving to death,a small floating frysaver in your tank with some cucumber or blanched zucchini should increase your survival rate immensely.

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I have just about the opposite situation... Mine are just about impossible to kill. Last weekend I moved my tanks around and started a new sump. 100% water change straight from the town water hose. My biggest problem was the temp shock, my system was about 25 degrees, and the new water was 20 or 21... I lost some tetras, a little loach and a small peppermint... Now still struggling to get the temp back up. I have a batch of 2cm bn and a lot of 2.5 to 3cm... Didn't see any losses... Even had 2 lots eggs in a tumbler and I think 1/2 of them hatched.

My only guess is they may not be getting enough food, if your getting heaps hatch... They'll plough through food, With warm water you can easily feed 4 algae wafers morning and night.

I have drift wood and try to have the odd plant, more surface area for the little suckers... But no gravel

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