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Another aspect of marines to keep it interesting.

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Free, scuba, reefing, spearing photos and now tub reproducing of redlines. Salt water is so engrossing with its many facets.

Years back divers that took photos to me were divers that were to afraid to do anything else in the water and breeding marine life, why bother, things change and got more interesting

Last year I got 3 redlines to fruition tub bred, this year the mesh balls made it all work and I got 9 to easily visible size and there is so much I have learnt from these guys about how they do “everything!”

The balls stop them from eating each other.

The environment to successfully breed them, the foods to accelerate their growth along with the right salinity, expectable KH and the most important of all, the temperature.

I have them shedding just once in just over a week now and the growth is amazing, the next step I was doing this for was to see when they attain the correct maturity/size and become hermaphrodites and that just happened with two of them from the one batch.

This is the others shed that completed that part of all this, they are together in one section of the tub now as both had active ovaries by the colour in the carapace, then one had eggs then the other now has eggs, so cool!!

I measured them both tonight and there it is, the size they adapt to the second sex organ, done, now onto something else.

The last bit is to see at what stag the eggs become actual shrimp juveniles and are dropped and not just eggs.

This is the defining shed shell!


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