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The anem/porcelain crabs are far more complicated then I first realized.

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Recently my crabs showed some weird ways of feeding beyond their cirri alone and that was a real surprise!

So I thought is was only hypnea they favoured and it is most likely pods in that hypnea they were waving in front of their cirris, I was wrong, they like a type of algae, not a species.

From starving them and ages ago the tank was made in to a safe tank so any thing in there can move freely with no hassles, they did it, they eat these two species of algae!

They cut off with their claws and feed the cirris with the cuttings, my little horticulturists, lol, or its what exists in the algae like cyano maybe?

I tried to get a video of this, but they won’t tolerate the camera that close in the water.

This is one of my crabs at the other species of algae they enjoy and no there is no food at the surface and phyto in my tank is near non existent, they use the same species of alae near the floor as well.

I must admit it could as simple as what dogs and cats do with eating grass, maybe there is a deficiency in their diet or just because they have not been fed in two days and they need part of the multitude of substances with algae or part of its basic make up, who knows, its certainly interesting to watch them doing it.

This was just a cool photo op while the sheila was pigged out!


This is it ticked off with me, lol, gutsy little guys!


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