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I am new at all of this fishy stuff I have just brought a 2hand 4f fish tank with a metal stand and light I still have t get filters and heaters ect. I want to start breading(in another tank) tropical fish. My favourite fish is Discus but only starting out and don't know a lot about them.

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Hello..and welcome to the forum. There are lots of people on here who have discus or have had discus. Setting up your first tanks can be exciting but it is important that you understand the basics, especially before you attempt a fish such as discus. Discus are normally a fish that most fish keepers do not attempt to keep until they have gained a more than an average knowledge and expertise in fish keeping through caring for less demanding species. I would encourage you to do a lot of research before you purchase any of your equipment or fish. Reason being that fish have different requirements. For example some fish do not like a fast flow of water in their tanks and this will determine what filtration you will use and how you will set it up. Fish also require different types of water to thrive depending on where they originally come from: you will need to know what your home water is like - hard or soft and pH. And you will need to know how many fish you can keep in a tank your size; discus grow to the size of a dinner plate. Ask as many questions on here as you can and explore the forum especially the threads for beginners. This is a great hobby and you will meet many passionate fish keepers on this forum. Have fun and don't be afraid to seek out advice.

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