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Astatotilapia Calliptera

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid

Price: You name it

Size: I'll take any

Quantity: enough to start with...

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Birkdale 4159, but happy to buy from where ever

Looking for PURE Astatotilapia Calliptera. Would also accept the blue form, but I doubt they are here ;)

They have to be out there still, even if it is just a lead please feel free to pass me some details.

I am happy to pick up the phone & call strangers :)



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If I find some boys I will let you know otherwise I would be happy to purchase your girlies if your going to part with them. Lets see how it all Pans out.

I was gong to PM you Stace, as i thought you would be the #1 person on here to ask regarding these...... [MENTION=889]tutters187[/MENTION]

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[MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION]forfishies I have sent Andrew numerous messages but he doesn't want to get back to me this time…dunno.

I will try Malawi Sand Diver. Cheers BIG ears!

[MENTION=889]tutters187[/MENTION] Yeah like I mentioned If I find extra boys I will send one your way, but at the moment I have none of these… :):(

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You can still type if ya got the flu mate.

I'm not having a go or bagging him, just saying he's running a business with quality fish & I want to buy some but won't respond to me....

Anyways, what did ya get man!? [MENTION=15385]plecosam[/MENTION]

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Thanks [MENTION=14086]Lofties[/MENTION] & [MENTION=1568]spongebob[/MENTION] if mario hasn't got them Mark probably won't have them I assume.

[MENTION=15385]plecosam[/MENTION] are they maleri 'chidunga' or 'maleri Is' ???? Very cool either way. & Placidochromis are a personal favourite of mine :) well done nice fish!

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