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Haps and all

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid

Price: Listed

Size: 8 to 12 cm

Quantity: 14

Sex: Male

Suburb/Town: fitzgibbon

G'day there folks,

Just looking at shutting down my peacock and hap display.

I've moved to canberra and during that move decided to join the dark side hehe.. was planning for a 10 foot tank, but will set up a 4 ft mini reef instead.

So up for sale are my;

1 male eureka red around 12 cm $20

1 male stuartgranti ngara 12cm $20

1 livingstoni unknown 6 cm $5

1 protomelas taiwan reef 10 cm $10

1 protomelas spilonotus tanzania 10cm $10

1 strawberry/tangerine peacock 12 cm $8

1 rostratus 6 cm for free witha purchase

1 flameback around 6 cm for free

1 placidochromis tanzania 10 cm $10

a few others here or there for free too

And a common bristlenose for free as well

Or you can scoop up the lot for $70.. looking to put money towards my mini reef hehe..

Pm or post on here

Cheers heaps,


Will post pics after my wedding. Of the fish of course haha

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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