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The little guy just wont grow??!!

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I can’t get this one to get any size, the others are powering now and a couple are adult, though none are over 25 mill combined carapace and tail, still a couple have eggs and active ovaries, there is always one!

A guy on reef central and marine aquariums south Africa, the only m-a-s-a abbreviation I would bother looking at, I go to reef central or work it out myself, any way he has the oldest marine tank and has been breeding marine life for many years and recons a particular additive to foods helps no end for growth and over all health, I think I will have try it, I am running out of options, the little guy worries me, why am attached to this one out of all I raised, I have no idea!

Getting attached to marine life? I thought I got over those silly ways over 30 years back, but it pops up now and then.

I am getting sick of this, maybe the heater will fail and it’s all over, lol.

You can just make it out with the arrow marking it, it is maybe 6 or 7 mill in size, the same size the others were maybe just over two months back.


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