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Help pick companions for group of zebra fin Danio.

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Hey guys, setting up a new freshwater tank in my room over the next few days. I've got my heart set on a group of 6 danio. 3 red fun zebra and 3 regular zebra. And I was hoping to grab one or maybe a pair of something pea full but a bit bigger and maybe slower to help fill the tank out.

The tank is 165 litres 2.8ft wide,1 deep and 2.4 high. So preferably something that will hang out mid/bottom tank and not spend the whole time under a rock. There will be one large, forked piece of timber with some plant cover around where it meets the surface, a few river stones and some grasses. I'll probably have pockets of tall this grass for the danio to dart around in.

The tank will stay around 26 degrees Celsius and I'll have a bit of fast water moving through the tank for the danio. Is there any of the smaller fresh water shark breeds that a pair of would find my tank comfortable?I can see that possibly being a bad mix at some point though.

thoughts? Any insight is helpful.


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