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Discus, How Long Dose It Take?

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In my hands it takes a year or so from newly hatched to grow them up to adult breeding size. I'm sure Asian breeders do it much quicker than this. Guess it all depends on feeding, temperature and water conditions. I used feed them on finely minced beef heart mixed with vitamins, also at times mixed with finely chopped prawns. Discus don't usually eat flake foods. This has all got much easier and less messy since Sera's "discus granules" have come on the market. These, coupled with frozen blood worms, seem enough to grow discus all the way from tiny fish just removed from the parents, up to full breeding size. When the fish are really small I grind up the discus granules with mortar and pestle first, so the bits are small enough for them to eat.

They are not particularly fragile, but do need clean water. You can google the conditions they like.

Have fun if you get into keeping some!

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