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Hot, Sexy Blue Acara Male Wanted For Recently Widowed Female Blue Acara

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Cichlid Type: American CichlidsPrice: make offerSize: 10Quantity: 1Sex: MaleSuburb/Town: CapalabaHi all,

I'm a totally good-looking, horny but loving female blue acara who has been recently widowed:noidea:. I'm after a good-looking, no problem male blue acara at least 10cm in size (because size is important to me ! ;-) ) who will join me in a nice big 6'x 2' x 18" tank with some other american cichlids. There are two large Brazilianses (but they're pretty cool and generally leave me alone), as well as a family of boisterous convicts (convicts by name, convicts by nature)

Besides being good looking, I request that you have views to wanting lots of children and would be very protective of our future offspring. Already have kids? Not a problem (prefer it, actually!)

So, if you're a hot, sexy male blue acara and are looking for some "action" ;-) with a gorgeous, experienced female, leave Doug a PM! (photos preferred, but not essential)

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I've had a chat with her and she says that she's less picky about the size of the male now. I keep hearing, "I'm...so...ronery. So ronery..." from around the tank now too... :-)

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