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The second imperator is working out great.

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The first one I put in two months after Oswald that knocked my tanks around big time has grown maybe 5 or 6 mill since then and looking good and is progressing to adult nicely at a very tiny size, now the one in the top tank I put in a while back, not sure exactly when, but so far it hasn’t grown at all, that I can tell, but it’s pattern is progressing nicely and feeds well.

The reduction of size via temp, foods and tank size, was inspired by a guy in Melbourne but mainly by a wholesaler we use to deal with in the 80s, back well before quarantine!

I had some stuff and he had a new shipment the first time i saw this and in it was a full adult imperator at less then 4 inches in size.

I was amazed and that was not the only species that was tiny that he had gotten in over the years I would frequent there and all were full adult colours??!


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