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subwassertang vertical backing/wall

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Hi All,

I'm looking at making a subwassertang wall for my fluval edge (46L). Has anyone used gutterguard before for this?

Would you expect this to leach anything into the tank?

there are a few tetras and dwarf botia loaches in the tank.


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No issues with Bunnings gutterguard though it does become a pain after trimming especially when you accidentally rip out moss/subwassertang forming some ugly bald patches...only way to fix would be to re-do the whole thing or wait and hope adjacent plants grow over the bald patch

Peacock moss inside 2 gutterguard sheets


Donny's idea of the plank of wood wall is brilliant. I've never done a big driftwood plank but similarly, what I do is drill holes into the driftwood & then wedge in a suction cup (works great for the goldfishes so I can still have it planted + have a clean barebottom tank: http://i59.tinypic.com/300qm85.jpg

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