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Don’t you just love a successful “small” crowded aquarium?

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Some reefers may perceive some aquariums a crowded, but for me its something like a very experienced race car driver that knows his car and the track very well and another who is not as experienced condemning how the good driver wins the race another way.

Its not easy to win the race, but with lots and lots of time with your hands on the steering wheel and a lot more time spent under the bonnet and work out some possibly not used measures, its not hard at all.

If you look at the ocean it functions on the principal of a huge expanse of water to look after the areas of reefs that over all equate to a tiny part of the ocean over all.

For reefers that want an aquarium to sort of look after it self and not spend heaps on it, you do it in the same way, “as an example only”, the 1000 square Ks of ocean is literally the external bio filter and the reef is the 1 k of display tank and its been set up for millions of years.

A little less then 80litres in each of these tanks.



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