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Side drop Filters or HMF filters?? Opinions?

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Morning boys & girls.

Im considering ditching my sumps in favour of 100% air driven filtration.

Looking for some input from members who currently or previously have used either set ups. Pro & Cons.

Pictures to get the juices flowing would also be good :)

*Also needs to be suitable to run 7 XL tanks & a system of fry tanks :)

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Air is king craigo, I am currently phasing out my FX6 display and then I will be all hot air :)

I am looking to upgrade my fry/breeder sponge filters to hmf side/corner jobs as it will keep the tanks looking more aesthetically pleasing and less maintenance.

Take this example for your wallet.

FX6 = 2100LPH Approx 42wph?

LP60 = 4200LPH Approx 50wph?

42w FX6 equals 25wph used of a LP60

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LP60 is running my room at the moment. 20 sponges & I'm bleeding air off at the end as well.

My main concerns are water quality obviously, water change & additives individual tanks, its so quick and easy with the sump to do a whole stand big tanks in one hit. Guess that comes down to drain piping really...

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