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Brine Shrimp Hatchery

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I am after the following brine shrimp hatchery from Hobby/Dupla:


I've looked on lots of websites, checked few aquarium shops, but so far could not find anyone selling it.

If you know where to get this product, please let me know.


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Yea i am with Ado

Plastic bottle with top cut off, add salt to some aquarium water, aerate heavily, light above, keep water warm,

24 hours later....... taaaaaddaaaaa !!!!

Remove air stone from bottle, wait a couple of minutes, empty shells float to top, siphon from bottom of bottle where live brine are, through a FINE handkerchief,

Feed to fish.......

Or turn bottle upside down leaving top on, install a small 4mm valve with tube on it , either way.

Be careful not to overfeed or Hydra will appear in fry tank and wipe out all ya frysies.

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