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What's this?

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What is this in the centre of picture and it's recently changed from a nice green to a white colour? Is it dying? Could it be a sign something going on in the tank we should be concerned about as the water appears to test well but some morphs aren't going so well and zoas seem to have all disappeared. The salinity was a bit high and in process of dropping it was at 1.028


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The segments are a bit large, so maybe i am wrong, but I have had it get quite big before getting rid of it, but Yeh I use to use that if it is the one I think it is, for a water quality indicator and dry it out for cal supplements.

It is a form of flexible coralline being of calcified segments of the name halymedia, probably discoidea or macroloba, its very common all over the hobby, I mean very common!!!

That one use to be real popular on the live rock I use to collect commercially in the late 80s.

If it is that one, it is also in “the world according to liquidg”,lol, try to imagine an echo as well, lol

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The test results are,

Ph 8.0

Ammonia 0(or as close as I can see)

Nitrate 5 ppm

Nitrite 0

Kh 143(8)

Calcium 500

Mag. 1470

Phosphate 0

Temp is between 22 and 25

Salinity gets up to about 1.028 before top up

The tests have been virtually the same for last 12 months except a drop in kh and ph in February which a buffer was added and been stable since.

I leave the plant there as I assume it would take some nasties out of the water and I thought it looked good anyway it's grown from a single stem and there's now 4 larger stems and a new small one and today it doesn't look as white as yesterday

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cool, at the moment all that gets dosed is kh up I was given and it's about 1/2 teaspoon whenever it drops a little which may be every month or 6 weeks, the tank is only lightly stocked to try and make it easier.

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