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Synodontis Ocelliferer and s.eupterus

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Price: $50*

Size: 14 cm

Quantity: 3 (+10ish)

Sex: Unknown

Suburb/Town: Brisbane

These 3 for sale. *Also have a smaller eupterus 8cm, 2 petricola 5&6cm, multi 7-8cm and [5-6 Valentine (left) ]10cm...

Need to sell the 3 larger to put tetras ect in the 4x2x2

(Swap for fem lec yellows)

No post. Pickup only

Txt 0455911322

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I am familiar with Pet City's prices as they're just round the corner from me. They have to pay staff, rent etc associated with a retail store + they give replacement guarantee on stock. I could offer you $100 for all 4 but appreciate this might not appeal to you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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