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Where to buy Seachem SAFE?

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Be VERY VERY careful about buying this on ebay. Not going to name the seller but when I used to use this I bought it on ebay in 2L size. The bottle supplied had slightly blue liquid in it without the distinctive Safe "smell". Who knows what it was. On REALLY close inspection you could just make out the label was ever so slightly blurred. Genuine label was scanned and made into a sticker. This was from an Australian seller and not a small seller either. Never again. IMO Fraction Continuum is a better product based on the experience of using it with large numbers of fish and never having an issue. I did have issues several times with SAFE even when using it at much higher dose rates than specified. One species I keep is very susceptible to even the slightest trace in tapwater and SAFE (real SAFE) gave issues with this species. Cheers

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