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New to forum and in need of help with an external filter.

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Hi there, I have a nice 6ft setup with a wide range of African fish. Today my old aqua one external filter finally died.

i am in need of a reasonably priced, good quality replacement. Something in the 1200LpH range and located near redbank plains would be great. Thanks everybody for looking.

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Hey i have a Biopro External Canister Filter 1800 UV you can get non uv or smaller & bigger ones id suggest slightly bigger than 1200 for bio pro as they flow rates with media do drop a bit its a perfectly fine these filters comes with filter media hose lines easy to setup the plastic bits are a little frail/ Brittle so just be gentle with them & they wont crack i have had 2 pieces crack but i just used aquarium silicon & they are perfectly fine for around 100-$120 delivered to your door & a 1 year warranty id give that ago saves you spending 400$+ on a top brand one but these bio pros are perfectly fine. You may want to have a few extra ceramic rings tho i added xtra to mine flow rate didnt noticebly change i couldnt notice a differnece any way. External Canister Filters BrisbaneSydney MelbourneAdelaide - Aquaholics Online

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