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Acans and acro stags reproducing nicely.

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There are a few of this greenish acan popping up via sexual reproduction in both tanks.

I don’t use live rock rubbish, my tanks only have boiled/bleached then soaked in fresh water for two weeks base rock in it, just to make sure no life gets in that i didn’t add, then with life added to multiply and spread out.

This one is in the bottom tank and its from the green and yellow acans in the same tank I assume, I just have two acan communities in there now, I got rid of the rest last year as the coralline was beginning to cover some and the two in there are of around 20 to 30 polyps and about 10 inches away from these new closest polyps.

This one was just one polyp early last month; it seems to be happy in there, though the mesomorphum and cyphastrea are closing in!!

Can’t quite see them


There they are, chubby and feeding and multiplying.


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