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FS: Adult angelfish, boesemani rainbow fish, Neon rainbow fish, Cardinal Tetra school

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Price: See details Size: See details Sex: Mixed Suburb/Town: Doolandella (Near Forest Lake)

1. Koi Angel fish: Price - $20, Sex - male, Quantity - 1, Colour - Half orange, half silver and black, size - 4 inch. He is beautiful, I love his orange colour. Just pair him with suitable female for breeding..

2. Boesemani rainbow: Price - $7 each, Sex - male, Quantity - 2, Colour - see photo, size - 3 inch.. They often they change colour depending on light and look beautiful. They swim fast.

3. Dwarf Neon rainbow: Price - $7, Sex - male, Quantity - 1, Colour - silver with red fins, size - 2.5 inch

4. Cardinal Tetra school: Price - $3 each, Sex - Mix, Quantity - 9, size - 1 inch. They often swim together and look nice.. I prefer to sell them together.

Please bring bucket.

Mobile - 0421889033





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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