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Adverse Effects

my only plant is sick

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i bought this plant about a week ago and it had a few tiny black dots on it but i just had a closer look tonight and there all over it now

Q 1:- what is the plant?

Q 2:- what are the black dots? (they rub off with a bit of rubbing and you can feel them )

Q 3:- what can i do to get rid of the black dots?


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No expert but I'll have a crack....

Q1 = Anubis ?

Q2 = BBA ( Black Beard Algae ) ?

Q3 = not sure...

I am having a similar issue.

Search BBA and you will come see a lot of suggestions and treatments but no "smoking gun " solution.

Happy to be corrected.

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BBA would be my guess as well (assuming not just fish poop or something). Diatoms are the only other algae I know of that can be rubbed off. Anyways BBA I have treated with spot treated H2O2 while regular glut dosing seems to slow it down a tad. Mainly I'm relying on the plants to grow faster than the algae.

Water chemistry - still working on that. I do wonder if low nitrates and maybe high phosphate slow it down. Very, very tentative.

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I would add some plant food and yea maybe some glut. You can see the plant has some form of deficiency from the lime green on dark leaves. Maybe have a look through this library of plant pictures?

Deficiency Finder

That's a great link - just looking through it now on and off. Really like the pictures.

Glut (glutaraldehyde) is basically a liquid carbon source for plants. I've copied a few links below. Ime, I would rate it a 4 to 5 between low tech planted (0) and high tech planted with CO2 injection (10). From memory Seachem give it a 7 however now that I do have CO2 injection the difference between is chalk and cheese (even with say 3x dosing of glut it doesn't come close to the plant growth I get with CO2).

I do still dose it as it seems to tone down BBA growth.

Plants and fish can be sensitive to it eg val. I find that I have to work up to the dosing level I want to allow fish and plants to adapt just in case. I have overdosed from just pouring it in without measuring and lost a molly a few hours later. On the other hand I (and others) have noted normal doses can be poured in right on top of fish looking for a meal without any problems (I try to wave one hand with fish food in it while tipping it in other side of tank but the fish have wised up to that).

Excel - The Free Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit - The Aquarium Wiki

Seachem. Flourish Excel

Welcome to API Fishcare: CO₂ BOOSTER®


I'm still guessing it's BBA on the leaf. Also guessing a potassium deficiency as first suspect, particularly if on lower leaves.

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