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The Tech Den

Frag swap day and demonstrations at the The Tech Den - this Sunday 26/07

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This Sunday afternoon we are having a frag swap and we are doing this with our local MAFA group.

There will be fragging demonstrations for every type of coral fragging application we can think of. Displaying frag tiles/discs, types of glue, fragging equipment, safety equipment and many other aspects of fragging!

We will have the Red Sea representative attending if you have some curly questions.

We will also have have a bunch of give aways for those attending on the afternoon.

Will be a really good afternoon and if you are keen to come along send me a PM and can give you more details and would like to see you there.

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We have just received in the Zetlight Cams and we will be giving away one on the day of the Frag swap.

There will also be some give aways from Aquasonic, Ultimate Aquacare (a new range of Australian Made supps we are doing), New Era, Bashsea and more...

We have also set up a Red Sea Reefer 350 so if you want to see one up and running come along it is being driven by the new Fluval Sea pump, a couple of Kessils 360's and a Bashsea Twisted Skimmer 6/24.

Will post up a couple of picks as we load it up...



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