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FOR ADOPTION: Goodeid Livebearer Fish MALE

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Price: x

Size: 5cm approx

Quantity: 1

Sex: Male

Suburb/Town: Slacks Creek

So i got 2 pairs of this fish and managed to kill them (one survive) by overdosing plant additives for my anubias. A male survive and is now available for ADOPTION. Preference will be given to somebody with this fish as the seller told me that it's one of those rare and hard to get live bearers. I was planning to breed them and bought an auto breeder cage a few months ago - happy to give this away with the fish as well.

Once gone, i'll be selling two 2ftr cube tanks - non-display (will measure it out) as I won't have a need for these too.

PM me if you want to adopt this fish.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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